Pipeline Safety

Safety and regulatory compliance drive Crimson’s operations and day-to-day business. Crimson continuously strives to improve the safety of its pipelines and operations. Crimson uses advanced technology and rigorous protocols to maintain the highest level of safety within its pipeline network.

The company utilizes the most advanced forms of pipeline maintenance and inspection. This top of the line technology allows Crimson real-time control and the ability to immediately shut down any line where an irregularity has been detected.

The safety of the public and employees, the environment, and property is Crimson’s number one priority.

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Crimson Pipeline Completes Successful Annual Spill Drill

Every year the Crimson team collaborates with federal, state and local agencies to complete an annual spill drill. The drill is a mock enactment of an oil spill, which provides an opportunity for Crimson employees to train, practice and improve emergency response skills to become better prepared should an actual event occur. Employees from Crimson’s diverse departments including executives, engineers and public information officers, participated in the training exercises at their Long Beach office.

After a day of training on initial response operations and procedures, the team was given a tabletop assignment to respond to a mock spill. During this all-hands-on-deck emergency response drill, the team practiced every action that must take place immediately following a spill, including protecting the public, environment, and alerting all necessary regulatory agencies. This included setting up an incident command center, assessing the potential impacts of the incident, responding to those impacts, drafting public information materials, hosting initial meetings and briefings, etc.

At the conclusion of the exercise, Crimson and participating agencies reviewed and critiqued the exercise. Crimson was commended for executing all necessary emergency operations swiftly and efficiently in order to protect the public, environment and property.