Contact 811 Before You Dig

A federally-mandated national phone number, 811, and newly designed mobile app were created to help protect homeowners, businesses and contractors from unintentionally hitting underground utility lines, including oil pipelines, while working on digging projects. Crimson Pipeline works year-round to ensure the public is aware of the 811/Dig Alert service by engaging in public awareness programs and distributing 811 branded materials.

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Crimson is dedicated to pipeline public awareness and works hard to ensure the public is aware of the location of the company’s pipelines.

Crimson teamed up with the National 811 Media Day campaign team to create the above graphic, which is being used nationwide to educate contractors and consumers about all of the pipelines and utilities that may be hiding below the surface and the importance of contacting 811 before beginning a digging project.

Pipelines are marked by aboveground signs to provide an indication of their presence, location, product carried and the name and contact information of the company that operates the pipeline. Pipelines are marked to identify the location to alert those working along the pipeline corridor for another utility or during the construction of homes or businesses nearby. Pipeline markers are generally yellow, black and red in color.

Below are examples of pipeline markers:

pipeline markers